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I created Belogable, an analogue blog, as a response towards 'modern day blogging’. At this exact moment thousands of people are posting 'something' just to be heard  by the world. What are these posts about? What value does it represent when even the most extraordinary thoughts or original expressions are brought out into the world in the very same system but still wind up at the bottom of the page despite being shared over a 100 times by others? Where has authenticity gone?


De shallowness of blogging has motivated me to conduct a research regarding the phenomenon of ‘blogging’. I finally reached the following conclusion: blogging does not represent any value! A post on a blog to me is useless, empty and therefore nothing. But then again, what is nothing? Something that is not anything? But what is 'not anything'? Through a visual research I have made a series of photographs.


Finally I chose to ‘blog’ my visual process and images, however on a blog which is designed in an analogue style, my style. Besides that my pages are also very small, I decide who is exposed to my blog and when you are you need to focus, concentrate yourself and put some work in to really be able to 'see' it. In this way my blog keeps it's authenticity, what I often miss in the ‘posted images and projects I see on various ‘blogs’.